UK Gov ICT: the future is Slovakia… and not in a good way

A company is taking the government to Court because in order to file online taxes it has to use MS Windows.

It’s the Slovakian government, but the last time I checked Slovakia in the EU so this is definitely one to watch. However, for those following the story closely there are some interesting parallels

The original story tells us that the company cannot operate the compulsory online system for VAT because the government IT system requires that they use MS Windows in order to file.

The company uses Linux and doesn’t want to change. After three years of wrangling, twelve complaints and a € 5,636 fine for non-compliance they are taking the government to Court in the absence of an alternative way forward.

Issues raised include:

The CEO estimates that they’ve saved about € 25 000 over three years by using Linux and also that about 40,000 taxpayers in his region have capitulated and installed MS Windows.

In a suitably evasive answer the tax authorities were unable to provide any information about the consequences of their IT policy on the whole of Slovakia.

— Gerry Gavigan, Chair, 14 May 2012

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