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At last UK Gov has published its open standards consultation - but it is progress? PDF Print E-mail

We were concerned that Cabinet Office inexplicably formally withdrew the first ever govt definition of an open standard.

However and at last they've published consultation on a new definition.

First off, credit where credit is due. The government is proposing royalty free open standards. Their definition is about as good as it can get.

That's the good news.

Select Committee: internet unsafe on a PC* (who knew?) PDF Print E-mail

The Commons Science and Technology has just published a report on cyber crime

Apparently the internet can provide an opportunity for criminals and criminal behaviour and there are dangers for everyday users of the internet too.

No sh*t, Sherlock? What else?

*a personal computer running Microsoft Windows according to the BCS

In another serendipitous co-incidence UK gov announces OSS desktop trial PDF Print E-mail

As I observed during the Governmet IT saga, AKA "Govt IT - a recipe for rip-offs":

A simple analysis of the time line of the Inquiry shows a remarkable tendency for the Government and those we might consider to be in its team to publish material just before key Inquiry dates, or on one occasion handed to the Committee Chairman during an evidence session. With that in mind we were curious to see what else had been published in the last few days that might be relevant to this report.

So really, when the London School of Economics published a report Total cost of ownership of open source software (pdf) detailing all the ways open source is a good idea; I had no excuse not to have got out there to look for some government synchronicity.

And lo, there was...

Open Data Institute - what could go wrong with that? PDF Print E-mail

I have a uneasy feeling about Silicon Roundabout. It seems like the Californian gold rush, where huge profits could be made:

 selling picks, shovels and blue jeans

A recent BBC Radio programme seems to indicate parallels:

Peter Day weighs up the evidence, talking to some of London's most promising social networking companies, and the venture capitalists and business groups supporting them

And even Rory Cellan-Jones is a little underwhelmed. However, the place continues to get a lot of government love including the decision to site the shiny new Open Data Institute there.

Great announcement but what does it amount to?

LSE study for UK Gov... OSS has lower TCO (who knew?), will it pass the "so what? test PDF Print E-mail

Today two interesting items have been published. The London School of Economics has published a report Total cost of ownership of open source software (pdf) detailing all the ways open source is a good idea and then there's Mark Ballard's HMRC rethinks 8.5bn megadeal as large suppliers resist flagship IT reforms.

The LSE study is a good piece of work unfortunately the Ballard article points to its likely effect: not much.

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