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BBC and Windows 7


The OSC has started a complaint with the BBC's Fair Trading Unit that the BBC are yet again giving the appearance of advertising a Microsoft product (that, in this case, does not even yet exist).

Extract from email

To: [BBC Fair Trading Unit]
Date: Wednesday 29 Oct 2008

...You may recall that Open Source Consortium expressed concern about BBC iPlayer and the Microsoft Windows operating system...

...moving forward, it feels like deja vu all over again.

On BBC News we see a two minute advertisement for Windows 7 - the replacement for Vista (link: BBC News item: A closer look at Windows 7). This product does not exist, even if it does come into existence, it will not exist for two years by Microsoft's own projections.[...]

Gerry Gavigan
Open Source Consortium

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written by Nick Palmer, 11 November, 2008
No complaints, though, when the Beeb hagiographise Mark Shuttleworth and Ubuntu (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/7358483.stm), or punt Dell's installation of same onto new PCs (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/6610901.stm)? Firstly, you're wrong on the projected delivery date and secondly the idea that no technology should be covered until it's released (note that; Windows 7 does NOT "not exist", it exists in a very early development form), even when there's a preview at a prominent trade show, is frankly bizarre. The BBC covered Hardy Heron pre-release, and it's covered OSX variants as well as the iPhone pre-release. No complaints from OSC about any of that, and those involve commercial entities that effectively received free advertising. One is left, then, with the ineluctable conclusion that what's got you squealing for the waaahmbulance is the fact that it's Microsoft. Hate to break it to you, but they still ship the vast majority of desktop OS sales; if the BBC DIDN'T cover what they were up to then they wouldn't be doing their job. As it happens, I thought they covered a few of the key issues and managed to get a dig in at MS concerning where some of the ideas might have come from (hence the fruity phones line). I'd say it was fair, balanced, not hagiographic, and moderately interesting.
written by Rob Welsh, 27 February, 2009
I agree but what about the issue at 00.36 where the true usability of Windows is demonstrated - priceless. I honestly think some bright spark put that video on there to show the world what rubbish is next. Lets face it judging by this video it's not going to be that good. If only games manufacturers would start developing for Linux, wait hasn't id software recently been on the look out for a Linux developer? The times they are a changing...

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